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The story begins in 2012

The story begins in 2012 when Valentin Jelev, an entrepreneur from Bulgaria, is signing a purchase contract for an autogas fuelling station in a commercial and industrial area in the port city of Kristiansand, Southern Norway.

Sør Gas

Within a short time, he renovates and launches it under his own brand name, Sør Gas.

Successful ideas

Valentin Jelev implementing dozens of ideas that proved efficient and helps make his autogas fuelling station one of the best in the region.


Later on, he acquires a second autogas fuelling station in the city of Arendal 50 km (31 miles) north of Kristiansand towards the Norwegian capital Oslo and launches it under his brand.

Team is expanding

Shortly afterwards Dragan Milosevic from Serbia joins the company, who soon proves loyal and professional.

Alexander Jelev

After a while, Mr. Jelev’s son Alexander Jelev joins his father to help grow the business and overcome obstacles on their way to success.

Third autogas fuelling station

At a later point in time, Valentin Jelev starting to prepare for the acquisition of a third autogas fuelling station in the region. However, fate decides to test his patience and persistence by having him resolve a number of legal issues in the gas sector.

Invaluable experience

While dealing with those issues, which took a few years, he deepens his knowledge and gathering invaluable experience about how to successfully create, grow, and provide security for vehicle gas fuelling stations in Norway and other Western European countries.

The best autogas entrepreneur

While resolving his problems, Mr. Jelev founds himself to be the only autogas provider left in Kristiansand. The other autogas fueling stations in the city had to close up shop because they could not equal his entrepreneurial skill.


Based on the experience, knowledge and know-how team gained in Norway, they developing a concept named UGazz. It allows external partners to participate in growing the international autogas sector and make the best profits in the process.

Andrey Lee joins UGazz

In 2017 Andrey Lee, a Kazakh-born resident of Bulgaria, joins the UGazz team to help adapt the UGazz concept for Russian-speaking partners. In 2018, they forms and starts to build up a UGazz sales division in Varna.

Well-formed business concept

Today, UGazz is a well-formed business concept that complies with all regulations of those European countries where UGazz is currently starts building fuelling stations for international partners and investors.

UGazz stations all around the world

The outstanding concept developed by the Jelevs and their business associates allows potential investors to create and grow their own chain of autogas fuelling stations anywhere in the world under the brand name UGazz. While being exceptionally profitable, UGazz stations do not require direct personal involvement in their day-to-day operation.

UGazz. Minimum effort, maximum profit.

Create your own chain of UGazz stations and make money with us. We look forward to working with you! Become our partner today!


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