UGazz has completed the Concept of Autogas Conversion for Russia

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Today, UGazz completed the development of the Concept for mass conversion of Russian vehicles to autogas.

The concept is based on extensive research into the Russian autogas market done by UGazz experts.

Researching the autogas markets of a number of European countries also played an important role in creating this concept.

The data obtained was analyzed by using approved methodologies of which some were developed solely by UGazz.

The core of the concept is UGazz’s own developments, technology, and expertise that allow for fast and efficient conversion of Russian motor vehicles to autogas in the next 6 years.

Within that timeframe, the partners, investors, and Russian government agencies need to pool their effort to create a basic autogas infrastructure in Russian regions, including autogas fueling stations, service stations, stores, warehouses, factories, etc.

UGazz is acting as the developer and implementer of the concept for mass conversion of Russian vehicles to autogas.

When the work is done, the UGazz team will present the concept to the Russian government agencies and then to the general public.

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